Your Success in Network Marketing

Hi! Ask yourself what are you here for ? If you're reading this because you want to know how YOU can be successful in network marketing then you've come to the right place. There has been a huge increase of interest in MLM, network marketing etc .. and a flourish of new and expanding companies…


Ask yourself what are you here for ?

If you're reading this because you want to know how YOU can be successful in network marketing then you've come to the right place.

There has been a huge increase of interest in MLM, network marketing etc .. and a flourish of new and expanding companies to work with in the past few years. This is because the whole world is changing when it comes to jobs and employment. People are finally asking themselves IS THIS IT ? Am I really going to work 9-5 for someone else for the rest of my life? Do I really have to work till I'm 70 plus ?! The answer is NO. There is a better way and you've come to the right place to find it. Do you want any of these benefits ?

  • Financial freedom YES
  • Time freedom YES
  • No Boss YES

Ditch the day job and work from where you want YES

The truth is .. You can! But you need to work your a ** off. Nobody said this was easy, but EVERYONE says it's worth it.

First things first, you need to find a company. There is a wide selection of respectable and profitable companies out there ready to take you on board. Do your RESEARCH. Investigation in the short time could benefit you in the long term. You do not want to be going from pillar to post trying to find the company that you have a passion for .. Research NOW, enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life.

Done this step already? Give yourself a pat on the back! Recognizing your own milestones and achievements every day are key after all. No matter how big or small ..

The BIG question .. Would you buy these products / services? If the answer is no .. Ask yourself this:

What am I doing with this company ?!

You HAVE to become a product of the product. After all, if you will not buy and use the products, how can you get others to buy them? Consumers love personal recommendation and if you can not offer a genuine review, people will pick up on this. The second question is .. Why do not you use the products ?? Is it a lack of passion? Do you not like them? Or are they just plain cr * p? When you're committing yourself to a company you should keep in mind:

  • Are the products safe?
  • Do they give VALUE for money?
  • Are the product claims backed up with legitimate research?

The answer for each question should be a massive YES YES YES. If you're started to question the company you have chosen, no worries, just take a step back and do some more investigating! Who knows .. You might like what you find.

Let's move onto that person who introduced you to MLM, the business or products / services in the first place .. First of all give them a big high five (or a high five five if they are not present). This person provided you with an open door to this opportunity and we all share something in common. We've got a dream and we have found our way to reach it! Now let's give them good old question! You're going to sign up with them so do not hesitate to find out more.

Question time!

  • Are there any upfront costs?
  • What exactly do I have to do?
  • How do I benefit from this?
  • What's in it for me ?

Now is the time to iron out the creases to see a clear picture. Do not settle for vague answers, if they are recruiting you then they should know the company back to front. Do not go into a company without knowing the specifics.

So ..

  • Found a network marketing company to join?
  • Love the products / services?
  • Know the compensation plan and what it involves? No?


Rewind and get back to investigating. Would you start a job in an office without knowing your hours, pay or what the job actually is ?? This is YOUR business after all. You want to get the best head start as possible. So you've found a company you have a passion for, the products / services are good, you know a history of the company and what it involves ..

Now then .. Let's head to getting started. When's the next event / training with your company? STOP .. you're not sure?

WRITE down right now a reminder to find out when the next event / meeting or training is within your company. Ask your mentor, recruiter or any leader in your business who should know. One of the key aspects of a worthwhile MLM business is the level of training and support. The leaders and mentors in the company should want to provide you with the best path to success that they can.

No training or support? Time to wave that BIG RED FLAG! Ask yourself this: why would a company that thrives with team growth and lead generation not want to help new recruit? Time to go back and do some more RESEARCH ! We all love a bit of research, your business will thrive on it.

Which leads me to .. PERSONAL GROWTH

Personal growth is a wonderful thing. It builds us up as people, not just for our MLM business but for daily life. Are you worried about starting Network marketing due to a lack of confidence? Let me stop you right there. Time to screw your worries and chuck them in the bin because where you're going .. You will not be needing them! It is KEY that you listened to audio recordings, webinars, YouTube videos discussing personal growth in order to be successful in MLM.

Think it's not necessary? Think again . Every day that I listen to more personal development, I grow as a person and my business grows in turn. People invest in YOU . You're the first point of contact and the last. Make every word count.

Learn, develop, grow .

Finally, what makes the top leaders in network marketing so successful ? On top of being professionals (from research, training and personal growth) .. LEADS . They have lots and lots of leads. And that's what YOU need to be successful. Yes you can make money from selling the products alone but think back to that list we ticked earlier on .. You want those things? You need leads. Talk to new people every day, never prejudice if anyone would want to join or not, add to your list of contacts every day. Build a network!

This is Network marketing after all.

Happy reading!