Effective MLM Network Marketing Lead Generation

Best Way to Produce an MLM aka Network Marketing Lead the Easy Way You can get a lead almost anywhere nowdays. Just hit up Google for 'where can I find or buy network marketing leads' or 'buy MLM leads cheap' and you will be presented with just tons of sources. Most of which are pure…

Best Way to Produce an MLM aka Network Marketing Lead the Easy Way

You can get a lead almost anywhere nowdays. Just hit up Google for 'where can I find or buy network marketing leads' or 'buy MLM leads cheap' and you will be presented with just tons of sources.

Most of which are pure crap. I know whereof I speak. I have spent money with them. Listen to me on this and save your money. Solo ads or paid advertising are different matters which I will address later. For now, I am referring to the sources of cheap leads out there.

Why am I down on buying cheap leads? Well, frankly, if your budget has lots of room in it, go for it. Most best lessons are the ones for which you pay. If that sounds cold hearted I honestly do not mean it to be.

My personal mission is to help 1,000 people be able to leave their jobs and while this will indeed help me make a ton of money, it is not just about the money. I think self-employed people make the country a better place because they have the time and money to be active in making the world a better place. They also have a particular vested interest in the economy because they are business owners.

I would not stop with those leads, though, because most of them have been emailed, re-emailed, sold through probably 100 different companies who then emailed, re-emailed and then sold to another set of lead companies. I once found out that I had emailed myself because I was on a list I bought. Very good laugh; moderately bad use of funds. It was also a very bad use of time as the ROI is zero, nada, zilch.

Online Business Systems

We all know that the secret to franchise success is that they all use a proven system . What you (and everyone who is new to this business) need is a system that teaches you how to market using the Internet's nature, ie, the Internet runs on search, not spam. Let me say it again, you need a proven system. You will need not only a proven system, but something that helps you track what you do every day. This means a planner, whether electronic or paper, so you can plan your daily activities and see them done and recorded. You are building a business and you need to run it like a businessman or woman.

How Do I Get the Best Leads?

Attraction marketing Attraction marketing has made more people reach the money ring than any other system. This friends and family thing failed from the get go. It is not that the market is planned or that it is a scam. It is not. The friends and family thing simply has a success rate of less than 0.5% on a market sample that is generally smaller than 100 people.

Now, think about it. How is anyone really supposed to succeed with that? I would rather play the lottery frankly. Less effort and more fun and arguably about the same kind of success rate.

Attraction Marketing

People who see you online do not know you. They have no reason to trust you. There is really nothing right in front of them to encourage them to do so, either. To build a relationship with them, you have to give them a reason to trust you. Help them solve an immediate problem and there is the beginning of trust. This is generally called 'giving value' up front and is the drive shaft of Attraction Marketing.

'Giving value,' what I call solving a problem for them up front, gives them a reason to believe in what you say. Fact is, what with all you have probably read to this point makes you an expert relative to 99% of the people out there, even those who tried, failed, left, came back years later, did the same thing … and are now trying again.

I say this because if they were educating themselves and taking action on that information they would have succeeded.

Present yourself as someone who is educated on Internet marketing matters in a unique way and you will stand out from your competitors in this field. Help them solve some immediate problem or provide some much needed instruction and you will be seen as an expert who is interested in their success, the go to person for their problems.

My own personal unique selling point is that I am not only tired of my job, but I have also built successful brick and mortar concerns that were successful. I am dedicated to helping a particular number of individuals become job independent, not after a particular income for myself.

Be the Hunted not the Hunter

Stop selling. No one likes to be sold. When you walk into a bookstore and someone asks you if they can help you find anything what is your knee jerk response 90% of the time?

“No, thanks. I am just looking.”

However, when you have looked and hunted and thought to solve it on your own, in this case locate that particular tome of your favorite author because you occupy that dream of all writers, that of Constant Reader.

… then you go to a clerk and say, “Can you help me find …?” … whatever it is you are looking for.

Practicing Attraction Marketing puts you in the pathway of those who have determined they can not solve their problem alone.

People buy from those they like and trust. People tend to like and trust folks who have helped them solve problems. People buy from people they trust.

Closing is Simple with Qualified Leads

Qualified leads are seldom bought for pennies. Seriously qualified leads that you did not generate yourself can cost as much as $ 20.00 per lead and with the proper offer, are worth it. If you average return per lead is $ 500.00, then $ 20.00 is nothing. The issue is can you take the hit if it fails? Generally the answer to that is no.

Qualified leads are individuals to whom you can demonstrate your worth. Once that is done, they have reason to trust you and like you. That is a relationship which is profitable to both you and your lead, in solved problems and profits generated.

Take the time to evaluate a serious system specifically designed to generate qualified leads for your business that come to you rather than you chasing them down. Such a system that has been proven to work.

Best Regards,

Tim Singleton