5 Steps to Turn Rejection Into Money

5 Steps to turn rejection into money will be appreciated by anyone like me who has been frustrated several times in Network Marketing. Nothing scared me to my marrows like talking to a prospect about my opportunity and receiving the “I'm sorry, but I am not interested” answer. It got to the point I became…

5 Steps to turn rejection into money will be appreciated by anyone like me who has been frustrated several times in Network Marketing. Nothing scared me to my marrows like talking to a prospect about my opportunity and receiving the “I'm sorry, but I am not interested” answer. It got to the point I became scared of doing the talking because I would not want another rejection. When I was first introduced to the home based business industry through network marketing, I was so full of excitement. Just like every other naive fellow who has been through this before I rushed in with all vigor expecting to pluck the moon by climbing a tree. Did I tell you I have failed uncountable times in Network Marketing? Yes, I have. After my first encounter with my upline in my first Network Marketing Company I quickly withdrew about two hundred and fifty American dollars and registered for the combo pack. This was during my NYSC days. I did that business for less than a year, holding seminars among corps members, market people in some markets in Lagos and Abeokuta, Nigeria, invited my upline to address the people on some occasions.

I did all those things but yet I did not get the signups and neither did I make the sales. I ended up using and giving away the vitamins, signing up only one corps member who was my girl friend at that time during my National Youth Service. Other corps members called me native doctor as I spoke about the products, the company and made my recommendations as solution to any health problems that they reported. After my youth service and with no money to purchase products for my monthly authorship I gave up, concluding Network Marketing was not for me.

After almost one year of being on sabbatical I was encouraged again by a friend to join another Company which I reluctantly signed up with but did not buy any products and continued with my life. Two years after that precipically in 2005 I joined again, and this time I was more motivated and had some students who were learning my craft as a telephone technician whom I introduced to the business. That was how I got my first Network Marketing check. Although the check was not up to half of how much I had invested but I was happy that I had started making progress. Alas! I failed again. All of these failures led to my conclusion that Network Marketing was not for me.

But something changed all of that belief when I discovered some of the things I'm about to share with you in this article. I discovered 5 things that have and still contribute to the failure of many in network marketing. I have turned these five into steps you can take to quickly end rejection in your network marketing business. Each of these steps are experience based, and so will help you end rejection if you will give whatever it takes to put them into practice.

Step 1: Stop Fronting Your MLM Company's Products

Many Struggling Network marketing reps have gone ahead to print business cards with their MLM Company's logo, products and messages thinking because they were asked to do so at their business opportunity presentation meetings doing so will bring them success. This practice is very counter-productive first because you are not the only one doing that and so there is nothing special about you except for the company all of the struggling reps are fronting with their business cards. Let me quickly say here that in the long run the company will lose because many will be frustrated and abandon the company's business. And for you, you will soon give up because you have sent your money to promote the company with little or nothing to show for it; you will get frustrated and drop out.

So what should you do? Do exactly what I and my friends did that ended the rejection for us. We stopped fronting our MLM Companies and their products and we found freedom and fulfillment in doing this business. Tell yourself that from today you are going to stop fronting your MLM Company and the products. Instead, position yourself as a network marketer of value with a lot of values ​​to give and you will attract the right kind of people that will be begging to learn from you, that way rejection will take a flight through the window for you. You will surely begin to make money.

Step 2: Change Your Prospecting Methods (Develop New Internet Marketing Skills)

The old school method of prospecting for network marketers has been to pick up your phone and start cold calling your prospects. Given what we were taught when I first joined my first company and what the second Company also taught me that did not work for me I had to buy a note book where I would write the names of family members and friends who I thought would be interested in my new opportunity. But this was more frustrating as I was getting more number of NO's than I was calling. Stop that method for it no longer works.

Develop new Internet Marketing Skills : The new internet marketing skills you need to develop to finally end rejection network marketing include but not limited to: Setting up Squeeze pages, setting up auto-responder messages, online advertising and promotions, coupons creation and promotions, social media networking and marketing, copywriting, blogging, software creation or management and WordPress setup etc. It is not exhaustible here. Equipping yourself with the knowledge of how these are done will overtime make you a networker that is mostought after because people will realize the value you will add to their lives when they come to you. What you will then learn will be how to use these skills to attract people to want to work with you in your opportunity without ever pitching them.

Step 3: Create and Promote your Own Hi-tech Products

We are so privileged to be born and live in this age of information. During the last two ages; the agrarian age and the industrial age, you needed huge amounts of money to setup business and make it big and this may not happen in a very short time period. But in the Information Age you do not need all the money in the world to create a high selling product. In this age he who has the timely information that is in high demand has the money. To turn your network marketing rejections into income opportunities, simply think and get a little creative. Think about information that network marketers, Home Based Business Owners or participants in the industry are in dire need of, source for such information or create it for them as Information Products and they will be associated to you like insect is attracted to to nectar. I have created quite a number of products that have positioned me as the go-to person for solutions. Some of these products are courses, some are guides and others are tips and seminars. Sit down and think, brainstorm and you will be amazed at the ideas that will start popping up in your brain. You can also go to forums and ask question to know what people are interested in learning about the industry.

Step 4: Promote and Market Others' Products

I encourage that you brand yourself first and not your MLM Company. In the Information Age one sure way of doing this is by getting your very own website and blog registered in your name. And on your blog you can blog on any or all of the following: write about your personal products and post them as articles, your personal income or income potential of your projects, expert opinion / interviews and you can also blog to educate or inform. Then you will need to promote and market your blog. With this also promote other related affiliate products that can solve the problems your site visitors may have.

Step 5: Solve problems for your people and they will look for you wherever you are.

In your articles, blogs, products, seminars, books and other materials you promote or market, just solve problems for people and they will look for you.

This is one surefire way of turning the tables and turning your MLM rejection into income opportunities. Why do you connect with the rich and powerful? I am sure you agree with me that you do so to gain something of value from them. It works even in our industry, what on earth will they gain from you by joining your team? What problems are you positioned to solve? In the network marketing niche I solve the problem of helping struggling networkers end rejection and grow a six figure in 12 to 18 months by creating an online recruiting system.

Finally, I would want to leave you with Zig Ziglar's words, “You can get everything in life that you want when you help enough others get what they want.”

Take these steps today and turn the rejection into income opportunities.

This is to your outstanding success!